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My presentation:

Hello, my name is Alessandro, was born in April 1967, to 'age of eight I started doing radio on citizens band (11 meters), I had fun with some friends and every night before going to sleep did long QSO (talked of the antennas that were built etc). Fortunately one day accompanied by my father went to see an old ham radio operator who at the time was a repairman rtx, this gentleman taught me CW. Then in 2008 after I got rid of many work commitments, I decided to do the exam of amateur radio.
Since I started doing the radio amateur and my only passion is the CW. In recent years I have tried to perfect my technique, luckily I had learned as a boy not forgotten.

I hope to hear from many, my QSL is always available to those who wanted to get home.

A hug 73 Alessandro

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